U B P C   C O M M I T T E E

Find out more about our committee below

President Georgie Kelly​

Degree? English

Grass or Arena? Both!

Favourite Horse? Captain or Mango

Competition Secretary Emma Bailey​

Degree? Psychology

Grass or Arena? Grass for sure!

Favourite Horse? Davina

Treasurer Emily Roberts​

Degree? Money, Banking and Finance

Grass or Arena? Grass

Favourite Horse? Coffee (I hate picking favourites!)

Secretary Georgia White​

Degree? English

Grass or Arena? Grass

Favourite Horse? May

Social Secretary Millie Dougherty​

Degree? Human Biology

Grass or Arena? Arena but only as I've never played on grass :(

Favourite Horse? Dave

Social Secretary Archie James​

Degree? Social Policy

Grass or Arena? Grass

Favourite Horse? Captain or Dave

Kit and Publicity Officer Ben Mould​

Degree? Politics and International Relations

Grass or Arena? Grass!

Favourite Horse? Ferrell or Bogs

Any queries please reach us through our email or DM us on our socials (FB and Instagram).

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